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Socio-Tech Academy created a State-of-the -Art Knowledge Bank with original material that has received recognition and high praise from various global stakeholders including high-ranking of US Defense community and business executives.

Cyber-Hygiene for Everyone course is specifically designed to produce an interactive educational experience for those of us that may not be technical cyber experts but consume internet-based technologies and applications to the point of near total dependence.

You will learn to develop a personal cyber-hygiene plan and gain awareness on broader social issues and developments relevant to our digital world.


  • Understanding Digital Footprints
  • Social Issues with Social Media
  • Digital Markets and Legislation
  • Cyber-Hygiene Tools
  • Best practices for a better Personal Cyber-Hygiene

For more information about this course please contact us by mail at or by phone at (+1) 719-309-8753.

Perfect for all businesses, academia environment to think about.

Retd. US Maj. General Jay Lindell

In my mind the work that Karthik et. al. are doing is that next needed evolution of reconciling tech with social awareness and eventual management; something needed in this expanding tech universe.

Darrel Smith, HydroStar USA CEO