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What problem are we looking to solve?

Along with its many, many, many benefits, the information age has brought with it, perils to humanity that needs to be addressed right now. The rapid spread of info-tech in each and every phase of our lives and the dependence of social communities on it, has happened without the development of education and regulatory models in a timely fashion. Even traditional societal control frameworks like religion, politics, and media are facing upheavals without a viable transition roadmap that maintains social stability and accountability. Unchecked advances of infotech is has serious national security implications and that needs to addressed right now. We need a Socio-Tech movement that finds the balance between technological advances and the ability of social frameworks to adapt to them. Socio-Tech Academy is looking to champion that movement.

Founder’s Motivation

Karthik Krishna’s personal motivation is based on what is in the US Declaration of Independence: If there is something wrong, those who have the ability to take action have responsibility to take action.

Having worked hands-on with diverse stakeholders on building roadmaps for infrastructure modernization and implementing advanced communication networks, Karthik developed a strong intuition that there was a growing imbalance between traditional social control frameworks and the advances of technology. Recent global developments following the disclosures from Edward Snowden and Julian Assange strengthened his belief on the need to champion Socio-Tech. And, coming across the book Data and Goliath, written by a globally renowned cyber security “guru” – Bruce Schneier – provided the critically important credibility to the Socio-Tech perspective and the fact that Karthik’s intuition was right. Something had to be done about it.

Karthik was hired by a US Navy Veteran and a member of cyber security community – Christopher Gorog – to help build a community for self-improvement and a better cybersecurity ecosystem for our digital world. He formed a strong opinion that, instead of addressing cybersecurity as an issue limited to technical IT professionals, security of the digital world should be approached from a wider social perspective. Thus Socio-Tech Academy LLC was born.

Since he was a kid, Giuliano Meroi is interested in technology. At the age of 11 he disassembled his first PC, he had fun formatting hard drives and he had immense pleasure in watching the defragmentation graph coming together.

After getting his high school diploma in Technology Sciences, he chose to enroll at the Politechnic University of Turin to become an Architect/Engineer, obviously an unhappy choice considering future developments. In the fourth year his passion for technology came back and he got interested in the web, combining his knowledge of Photoshop with HTML / CSS languages. The following year he created a small social network on which to share ideas and ideals – Shareideals.com.

Abandoned the architecture field, after graduation he fully dedicated himselfself to web and apps development. He visited Silicon Valley where he worked for a startup that made an award winning social app. Shortly after that experience, he created an anonymous and geo-localized instant messaging app – Spit. Thanks to Spit he spent another period in Silicon Valley where he met Karthik.

He spent the last 3 years with the Spit team, with the only aim to build a platform for people to freely express themselves, without being afraid of being judged. A few months ago his career took another detour. On the one hand, he started working as a System Administrator in a well-known local company, with the task of managing IT security. In addition, he joined the founding team of Socio-Tech Academy. He’s working towards a world where people are freed by technology, not imprisoned.

Our mission is to develop and disseminate solutions that ensure social accountability for technological advances.

Meet our Team.

Karthik Krishna
Karthik KrishnaFounder
I am an entrepreneur and have a mixture of academic and real world experiences in various sectors including energy infrastructure, manufacturing, hospitality and media.

My main career focus right now is to audit the influence of technology in society through Socio-Tech Academy, and to help build an awesome entrepreneurial environment in Colorado Springs.

…I believe family comes first in terms of priorities and my love for dancing helps me maintain a balanced perspective on work and life.

Giuliano Meroi
Giuliano MeroiCo-Founder
I’m passionate about how technology affects social interactions.

While I was in Silicon Valley, I’ve created an app to anonymously chat with people nearby and each post lasts 24 hours.

I’m an open minded person who appreciate non conventional points of view, which I believe are responsible for our technological advancements.

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